Punk Joy

tumblr_oy28lf3V0A1r2i5lho1_400I always need my punk joy in some way or form, the way I feel this need is by listening to Punk or Heavy metal music while developing art work or motion graphics videos for people, small business and for myself. Going and taking photos at art, fashion and networking events that raise money for charities and good causes that help people an, the earth. Eating healthy and working out by doing extreme sports and activities that make life worth living. So I told you what’s my punk joy, so what’s yours!!!!!! 😁🤘🏾🖖🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾👍🏾#punkjoy#fun #gn_studios #punk #joy#healthylifestyle #art #fashion #newyork#motiongraphics #edits #videos#graphicdesign #love #excitement  IG:@geoffreynurse 

want to check out more of my Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design work you can go to  MY Portfolio: At www.behance.net/GNStudios24

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